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Eva & Gilbert’s wedding at the Botanic Gardens

I’d never photographed a wedding at the Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh before but really this is never a problem for me.  I’d met up with Eva & Gilbert months earlier at the Gardens to do their pre wedding shoot and to walk through the wedding day photos and to make sure Eva got the photos she really wanted.  If we did’nt do the pre shoot at the wedding venue then I always do a little recce of my own before the wedding day.

There’s a more fuller slideshow of the wedding day here in my portfolio page, images below are the ones I personally picked out for the blog. Normally I like to do some black and whites but to be honest the colours at the Botanic Gardens were fantastic so these are all in colour but I do give all my B&G all their photos converted in B&W on their disc.

On the wedding day the weather forecast was’nt great but there was supposed to be some windows of dry weather through the day.  Its a beautiful venus so would be a shame not to make use of the gardens.  As with all my weddings I plan my day well before hand and that includes my travelling, being a Saturday in Edinburgh I had to plan for everything like where do I park!  I met the boys first and spend an hour with them as they got ready.  Gilbert and his Bestman and usher are in the The Royal Regiment of Scotland and as such it was full-dress kit today for them.




After this it was a short trip over to the Brides parents house where I spent another hour just capturing the preparations. As there was a little trip from here to the Botanic Gardens I had to leave before Eva before she was in her wedding dress so I could setup at the Gardens ready for her arrival plus I wanted to do some photos with the boys before hand.



We really did get a lucky break with the weather as it stayed dry for the outside service and the photos afterwards.  Where the service is held in a circle of tall trees is simply brilliant, it really does give you something very different to a normal wedding and you can be really creative in the angles. I loved it.






 One of my favs from the day…..



A little moment caught as I was standing off with a larger lens….

After the service I like to let my B&G’s mingle with their guests a while then I take them away for their photos, we were really spoiled for choice for locations but I knew exactly what we were doing but I also threw in a couple of off the cuff ideas that came up as we walked around the Gardens.  I try and always do a mixture of candid and posed photos with my B&G’s







At the end of every wedding I do I like to finish off with an evening strobed shoot with the Bride & Groom. It was getting a bit chilly so I had the lighting all ready setup for this before I asked the Eva & Gilbert to come out.  There was actually no light at the tree, it was pitch dark but I managed to get a focus lock from Eva’s dress as it stood out slightly, being Halloween I thought lighting the tree would be fun and it gives the B&G something different for their wedding album.

Eva_Gilbert__1699 copy 4

It was a long day for me but I personally had a great time, spoilt for choice for good photo opportunities.  Eva and Gilbert have now returned from their honeymoon and have looked at their photos and I received a little msg back today …

“Hi Iain,thank you so much for everything, I absolutely love the photo’s they are amazing and capture our day perfectly.

Do you have a section on your website for feedback because I would really love to add some very positive comments about your professionalism and the quality of the work you do?  The night time photos of Gib and I at the tree are just amazing!

Thank you so much again.