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Sandie & Darren’s wedding at Airth Castle

I was commissioned to photograph Sandie and Darrens wedding at the great location of Airth Castle through in Stirlingshire. A venue that was new to me and being so I had previously met up with the Bride and Groom for a walk through of the location and to go over the photography for the wedding day.  During this, I always work out a photography plan for a dry day and also a wet day so we are not hanging around come the wedding day which helps the flow of the wedding.


This was a full days wedding commission which started off at the Bride’s mum’s house with the girls, the little ones were just brilliant to photograph. I left before the Bride did and it was a short journey down the motorway over to the Castle to meet up with the Groom & Best man for some photos in front of the Castle.  Its a good venue as it gives two location for your photos over the day. The day went smoothly enough with just a little rain coming on when we were about to venture outside for some Bride & groom photos, thats where the wet plan kicked in, so there was no major problems.  With my unobtrusive photography style I like to capture folk naturally, I think it gives a better picture.  One of the best compliments I normally recieve after the Bride and Groom see their photos is Thank you so much for taking so many amazing pics and we didn’t even notice them being taken!   I want  you and your guests to remember your wedding and not the photographer.



The shot above was later in the evening, the sun came out and I made fair use of it catching the B&G walking down from the Castle to the reception room where the first dance was.  We even managed to get out later in the evening to make use of the Castle lighted up where I used some small flash lights to make  some low light portraits of the Bride & Groom which normally marks the end of my photography for the day.

I love this shot, a candid capture of a very special moment between mum and the daughter….classic example of my wedding photography style.

sandie&darren_1303 2






One from when I take the Bride and Groom away for their portraits, as I say when we were about to go out side the train came on but that was no problem as I knew exactly what we were doing in this eventuality… the colour in this. I plan my weddings well before hand so on the day, the wedding flows.



You can view a selection from Sandie & Darren’s wedding day here

A lovely couple and all in all a very good day and the Bride & Groom have seen their wedding proofs and I recieved this lovely note…

“Thank you so much for telling the story of our wedding day in such an intimate and breathtaking way. Each moment unfolded as we looked through our album. You express beauty, emotion and atmosphere in every single shot. The wedding day itself seemed somewhat dreamlike; The pics confirm that very thought! We have everything from intimate candid shots (at times we forgot you were there, Iain!!) to outstanding stylish glamour! We cannot thank you enough for bringing the most amazing day of our lives back to us every time we look at the pictures. Heartfelt thanks from Mr & Mrs B! x”

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